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Laura Gibbs

Tanuki Gallery at Flickr

1 min read

I am a big fan of Flickr, especially creating embedded slideshows of my own images (that's what you can see in the sidebar of the Growth Mindset Memes blog, for example).

If you want to search for and save other people's photos, you can do that in a Gallery. You cannot embed a Gallery, but you can link to it, and it also has a Lightbox option. To see how those options work, I did a gallery of TANUKI pictures since the Japanese tanuki is part of the Japanese folklore that comes up this week in .

Here is a link to my gallery: Tanuki Gallery, and here's a link to the Lightbox view

Here's a screenshot of the thumbnails:

Take a look at the Tanuki Gallery to see the full size images!

And you can find out more about tanukis at Wikipedia.

And here's a tanuki from Wikimedia: