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Laura Gibbs

Week 10 Indian Epics Curation

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Here is my new post for Indian Epics

WELLCOME LIBRARY. My favorite discovery was the amazing collection of images at the Wellcome Library Images. I didn't expect that they would have so many images from India, but they do! Just as one example, here is a lovely Shiva with a baby Ganesha:

L0022496 Credit: Wellcome Library, London Shiva and baby Ganesha Watercolour Collection: Iconographic Collections Library reference no.: Iconographic Collection KALIGHAT NO. 22



BEL TREE. There was a reference to the sacred Bel tree in Divakaruni's Palace of Illusions, and there is a wonderful Wikipedia article that explains about the tree and also about its religious symbolism in the Hindu tradition, especially in connection with Shiva worship. This image shows a Shiva linga decorated with Bel leaves:


FENRIS'S SACRED STORIES. I read and really enjoyed Morris Fenris's collection of Indian stories. Each story is very short, and the stories are drawn from many different sources. I will definitely write up a detailed Reading Guide for this book so that I can include links to help people learn more about the especially famous stories contained in the collection. You can see a list of the stories here; the book itself does not contain illustrations, so I would like to find good illustrations to use. One story is about Rama and how the Indian palm squirrel got its stripes!