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Laura Gibbs

Week 12 Indian Epics Curation

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Here is my new post for Indian Epics

I found a very handy book at Amazon, just $3 for the KindleThe Complete Mahabharata in a Nutshell by V. K. Balakrishnan. What a useful book! I wrote out all the book subheadings to make it easier to search.


DHANTERAS. One of the holidays associated with Diwali is Dhanteras, a holiday associated with wealth, prosperity, and the goddess Lakshmi. I really enjoyed all the Dhanteras greetings at Twitter, many of which featured the feet of the goddess Lakshmi along with su-astikas (swastikas) as you can see here, and you can learn more about Dhanteras at Wikipedia:


I really enjoyed this National Geographic Traveler: India article about dance traditions with masks: Seven Masked Dances You Can Watch In India by Rumela Basu.