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Laura Gibbs

Week 13 Myth-Folklore Curation

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Here is my new post for Myth-Folklore

STAR TREK. I read a great essay in the Los Angeles Review of Books online: Who Tends to Captain Picard’s Bromeliads? by Michael Miles. It's a thought-provoking and critical view of Star Trek's post-scarcity economy (where are the robots who do all the work?)... and hey, how many times do you ever see the word bromeliad in print, eh? Bromeliads are pretty flowering plants:


STATUE OF LIBERTY. I thought this account of the creation of the Statue of Liberty was really fascinating. Egypt is part of the story: The Statue of Liberty Was Originally a Muslim Woman. Here's a photo of the statue's head (and that's Nancy Reagan waving a flag):


HARRY POTTER. I'm a regular reader of audio books, and I use the service. I've been a member since the company started, so for about 15 years... and I've been waiting for the Harry Potter books to arrive. And now they have! I am going to enjoy getting to listen to these books in audio form!