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Laura Gibbs

Week 14 Myth-Folklore Curation

1 min read

Here is my new post for  Myth-Folklore 

The big event of this week was... KRAMPUS. Lots going on, including this article in the Atlantic: Krampus: The Dark Companion of Saint Nick. Lots of people I know online were sharing Krampus items, and my favorite was this one: Krampus in a motor car!


I also did some reading (prompted by outraged tweets that someone shared re: Univ. of Utrecht) about "Black Pete," the companion of Sinter Claus. Eegad, what a complicated cultural mess that is. The use of blackface is pretty dreadful... but does that mean the whole tradition gets tossed out? Wkipedia has a detailed article: Zwarte Piet. Here he is, black (not blackface) in Moorish clothing, with St. Nikolaas circa 1850:


And let us not forget... the Yule Goat!!! There is even a Yule Goat Webcam, and here is more about that goat at Wikipedia... with a depiction by one of my favorite illustrators, John Bauer: