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Laura Gibbs

Week 5 Myth-Folklore Curation

1 min read

As before, I'm grabbing one item from the Known stream, one from Pinterest, and one from Twitter.

My favorite Known post was about one of my favorite Japanese folktale characters: the trickster tanuki! I made a Flickr Gallery with photos that people had posted of tanukis there. Here's a screenshot of the thumbnails: Tanuki Gallery at Flickr.

My favorite thing that I pinned for Myth-Folklore was this 1911 film of Dante's Inferno that I learned about via Open Culture:

My favorite item Twitter was this collection of mermaid images: A (Tail) Flap of Mermaids. There are some wonderful images here; I like this one by Walter Crane the best: The Mermaid Dance, c. 1880s.