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Laura Gibbs

Week 6 Curation: Reading, Writing, and Language

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In the previous weeks, I did curation that was related to the content of my courses and ... but this week I thought I would grab three of the reading, writing, and language items that I've come across in the past few weeks. Those are important for my classes too!

I absolutely LOVE this video about books and libraries which someone shared at Google+ just last week. You can read the lyrics at this blog post:


For National Punctuation Day on September 24, there were all kinds of fun shares at Twitter, like this great chart by Adrienne Crezo and Mike Rogalski from Mental Floss:


And from this collection of fantastic posters — Awe-inspiring book charts you’ll want to hang on the wall — I really liked Parts of Speech explained through books, movies, and music.

Here is the nouns section:

And here is the whole poster: