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Laura Gibbs

Week 7 Myth-Folklore Curation

2 min read

And here are my favorite things this week from the world of Mythology and Folklore! :-)


From following Project Gutenberg at Twitter, I learned that they now have a fully digitized edition online of A Collection of Emblemes, Ancient and Moderne by George Wither. I wrote up a Known post about that here, including this emblem. One of the many types of classes I would be really excited to teach would be a class all about the emblem tradition which combines text and image in beautiful ways, often drawing on mythological stories and symbols to convey the meaning.

At my Pinterest Board, you'll find this gorgeous image from an illuminated manuscript that shows Nature (look at her gown!) and Death. Best of all, when I tracked down the image to find the source (you can see the manuscript and its images here), I learned that the amazing Dutch National Library collection of manuscript images is back online: Medieval Illuminated Manuscripts. Last time I had checked, it was no longer available, but now it is back. Thousands of beautiful images to look at and learn about!


And here is an amazing mash-up: it's Star Wars done in the style of the Bayeux Tapestry! You can learn about it at this Daily Mail article which has lots more images, too, plus an image of the Bayeux Tapestry for comparison if you are not familiar with it: