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I'm an online instructor at the University of Oklahoma, happily teaching courses in Mythology & Folklore (#OU3043) and Indian Epics (#OU4993).

Laura Gibbs

Week 12 Myth-Folklore Curation

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Here is my new post for Myth-Folklore

From a friend at Google+ I learned about this great resource: Names of the Winds. There are names here from ancient traditions (like Greek Zephyr), Native American wind names, all kinds of good stuff.

Following up on Ben Carson and those Egyptian pyramids, there's a nice article at Atlas Obscura about the history of improbable theories about the Egyptian pyramids: Secret Chambers, Grain Silos And The Long, Long History Of Pyramid Conspiracy Theories by Maggie Koerth-Baker. 

And of the many mythological Ben Carson memes making the rounds, here are two of my favorites: one for Easter Island and one for the Great Wall of China (I followed the  hashtag ... it spawned a lot of mythologizing memes last week!).