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Known Tips at Class Wiki

I'll be listing here the Known tips that I publish at our class wiki:

  • Getting Started with Known. Create a Known account and publish your first post! Your post will then appear with everybody else's posts on our Known homepage.
  • Known Blog Post with Image. Since you already know how to do Blogger posts with images, you'll find it easy to do Known posts with images!
  • Known Profile. Create your Known Profile and upload an image to use, along with any other links or information you want to share.
  • Embed Twitter in Known. You can embed a tweet (anybody's tweet, not just your own) in a Known post; it's a great way to save Twitter items for future reference.
  • Embed YouTube in Known. It takes a couple of extra steps compared to Blogger, but you can embed YouTube videos in Known so that the video plays right there!

You can find all the Technology Tips for the class here: Tech Tips for Fall 2015.